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a group of teenagers ranging from 14-18, who hang around bondi junction interchage maccas and play onefour very loudly. every hour or so they will go out side to the ramp and smash some darts, if the junction fam wanna have a sesh and dont wanna piss off seccy mohammed or seccy mario they'll go down to the room or to r4 for a quick sesh, after the sesh if theyve got the munchies theyll go to eastgate coles and rack some chicken shapes.

ramp can be cleared out in a minute by the undos or coppers coming through and searching you.
"oi cunts, methhead04 is gonna bash daniel fidler"

"oath, someone distract the seccy from the junction fam"
by I LIKE THICK CHODEZZ July 02, 2019
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