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A Julia Fleming is a caring caring sweet wonderful person that will love you no matter what and she is beautiful cute and counting all different kinds of ways she will be the person that you were mostly enough to have she is your dream girl she will make you happy but she is also for real if you mess with her in the wrong kind of when she will mess you up just let you know how she is not stuck-up she is just a cute one for loving person with all different kinds of personalities but when you first meet her you wouldn't know who she is because she would be mad because she don't know you but once you get to know her phone off or longer you will know that she is the best person in the world no matter what she will love and care for you she is not that difficult as you would think and the first time you meet her she might see me but she's not that she is the best person that you could ever have cheese and she will care and love for you.
Julia Fleming is good girlfriend she will have to have a good personality and you have to have a big dick 👅👅👅👅👅👙👙👙👙🍆🍆🍆🍆
by Julia shy Fleming February 16, 2018
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