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the signature dance of the Melbourne club scene. people drop ghb or 'juice', dance like this then blow out. consists of several main moves, mostly which involve looking like you're swimming and waving your arms about and shaking your head like an idiot. party goers have been divided into two groups- those who dance like this, and those who make a mockery of it
"getting juicy?"
"look at that juicy wiggle"
by sinderella666 July 05, 2013
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When you have bananas and nectarines on a PLATE, (it must be a plate) and he bananas get in the nectarine juice, hence creating The Juicy Wiggle
β€œOh no! My bananas! They’ve done The Juicy Wiggle! πŸ˜±β€
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by Mr. Dr. Moist July 21, 2018
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