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a term used by the elders of romside to describe certain lady folk who have a vaginal cavity greater that 6 mm wide, pre birth. Juggernaut is used to describe a wide tunnel. Some men such as Gary Turnstile can penetrate the vaginal zone to cause a jugernaut pussy. Garry has recently done this to 14 young women in romsey leaving the man folk angry as they will not be able to 'fill' the gap as it were.
If you are to see a jugernaut vagina it is advisable that you put your length in first and then fist the women to satisfaction as it is unlikely that the girth of your manhood will suffice that of garry's.
man that girl got jugga'
fuk me she aint got a bucket she got a juggernaut pussy
she got garry'd mate so now she jugga'
by Fabrice Muamba April 03, 2008
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