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A fascist (i.e. violent right-wing nationalist) whose animating principle is the supremacy and sovereignty of the jewish people over the land they call "Greater Israel".

A judeofascist is not necessarily jewish, nor are all right-wing jews judeofascists. A judeofascist will never admit that he is a fascist, and will call you an antisemite if you point out the truth.
Q: What's up with Ariel and his collection of barbed wire, microwave weapons, helicopter gunships and attack dogs? I didn't think he was down for herding people into concentration camps and murdering them, given that his whole family was killed that way by the Germans.

A: Naw, man, he's a judeofascist. If you're located between Libya and Afghanistan and you're not jewish, Ariel thinks you'd better learn not to like food, shelter, medical care and breathing. And don't fight back. Only jews are allowed to fight back, 'cuz of the Holocaust 'n all...
by AshamedHuman March 24, 2008
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