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He is so easy to fall in love with, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me , he made me feel so loved, he would stay up all night until he fell asleep., he always made sure I was happy and if I wasn't he would make me smile, I would always smile seeing him but I would try hiding it , he is a angel no boy compares, he has such a kind heart and loves making people happy and it's so cute, I'm happy for him and his girlfriend, he loves her he would jump in front of a bullet for her , do anything for her , he posts about her all the time , and it's so sweet , I feel like he loves her and cares for her and treats her right Bc his mother passed away so he has so much respect and never wants to lose another girl Bc that feeling of lose hurts him , and I want him happy , and he wants her happy so it all works out .. he is an amazing boyfriend and a friend a person you can always count on , a person who won't break a promise who would lose as many friends and still keep the promise:) he is amazing , if you ever get a josh branstetter, never let him go
Never let a great person like josh branstetter go :)
by Sunnysideup August 04, 2017
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