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Slang term used to describe an item or object that's flipin awesome - something that you'd swap an arm or your own granny for. Comes from the British luxury brand that specialises in making concrete furniture and brick wall for graffiti artists. The brand is well known in London for the concrete door stops it leaves around the city for people to find.
If your mate had a concrete doorstop with a steel handle or a flying car that doubled as a submarine you'd say 'that's totally jonny concrete man'.
by bunchofbananas January 17, 2019
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Someone who takes steroids and can't control mood swings; someone who thinks they can beat anyone up when usually they can't even beat an egg.
"Here's your change sir" "about f*cking time!" "Alright "Jonny concrete" chill out!"
by wrett o hara January 26, 2012
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