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short for 'John Rideal House'
A building in Barnsley.
The building actually has a use, supplying crack heads with their doll money.

But generally is where the walking abortions of single mums and dads gather to sell and take drugs, drink and sit, talk about drugs and drinking or to find other slags and skets that will sleep with them.

Handful of decent people go, 90% are just desprate saddo's who have being kicked out of college or don't fancy a bash at full time education.
'Hey, wanna go to jon rid for abit?'
'yeah man, i hope _____ is up there so i can fuck her'

'Let's go to rid'
'no, probs catch an STI sitting on the same wall as one of those things'
by facethetruth April 20, 2009
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