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Gigantic trousers for men and boys.

JNCO stands for Judge None, Choose One.
Teacher: Ok, Sam. What did you do over the summer holidays?
Sam: well.... I whet to Los Angeles...and....then I whet shopping with my mum...
Teacher: There's a 'but' coming, I can sense a 'but'.
Sam: But....
Teacher: Told yar.
Sam: But.... I whet shopping in a jeans company.
Teacher: What company was it?
Sam: The JNCO Jeans company.
Teacher: What on earth is that company?
Sam Its a company that sells gigantic trousers for men and boys.
Teacher: Does it stand for anything?
Sam: Yeah, It stands for- Judge None, Choose One.
Teacher: Okay...sounds like you had a wonderful summer vacation, Sam.
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by PrincessKate37 July 06, 2016
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