1. Television sports pundit known for his protruberant chin. For this reason, and this reason only, his name became a synonym for the expression of disbelief Chinny Reckon. Other big chinned people including the boy pharaoh "Tutankhamun" have shared a similar fate.

"I shagged a super-model last night"

"Ooh Jimmy Hill, Jimmy Hill you did" accompanied by much stroking of the chin and expressions of disbelief including lip pouting.
by springb April 18, 2008
1 - Is an English football analysist on Sky Sports. He is extremly unpopular with the Tartan Army as he described David Nareys goal against Brazil as a 'toe poke'. He is immortalised by the song: "We hate Jimmy Hill! Hes a poof! Hes a poof!"

2 - Due to this, a Jimmy Hill is also a sign of someone telling a lie. Since jimmy Hill has a very long chin, people rub their chin and comment "your pulling my Jimmy Hill here"
We hate Jimmy Hill! Hes a pooooof, hes a poooof!
by Jadams87 October 9, 2006
There were cockroaches on the walls of the restaurant so we left without paying the Jimmy Hill.
by Ray Giorgione April 27, 2019