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jgn ayam or jangan ayam,is a malay word that literally translated as "dont chicken"
it is use by some malay people to tell other people to say dont bullshit with me or to express their feeling toward something awesome in a funny or non-offensive ways.
some just using it to make conversation more interesting.
A: I can farm HoT in 5 min
B: jgn ayam
*(no one can farm HoT in 5 min dont bullshit me man)

A: I Pwned MYM-Maelk in 1on1 games..
B: jgn ayam
A: Seriously man. I got replay wanna see?
B: jgn ayam!! you so pro de ma. imba ranjiao.
*(the first jgn ayam is dont bullshit me and the second one is like "shut up, you so u sucking imba"
by MNI-Axel- January 08, 2011
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