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Someone who is moody, hard to please, asks a lot of questions, and tends to get annoying rather easily. A jerdin also thinks they are friends with a lot of people, which is completely untrue. The worst time to be around a jerdin is in the presence of drugs or alcohol because he will be making annoying comments and questions throughout the entire session. Jerdins' also think that the world revolves around them and tell people things that they don't want to hear, or simply don't care about.
-So what'd you do while I was gone for the weekend? How was it? Did you have fun?
Ughhh! Quit being a jerd(in)!

-So how many hits does it take to get you high?
I don't know, I never count! C'mon jerdin!

-OMG you guys! I'm sooo gone! You don't even know!
STFU jerdin! No one cares!
by Sean Lahey May 11, 2008
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1. someone who does something stupid, has a stupid personality, or says things to fit in and sounds stupid.
2. someone who has little to no experience with drugs and tries to sound smart by saying things about drugs. they also ask alot of questions about drugs when they actually come across them.
hahahaha! jerdins so fucking jerdin right now!!
by jake pelzl April 23, 2008
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