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a short boy. Usually confused with Mark. Is a Fuckboy. Has small dick. has Wanna be Curls.
Alysha shouted I can't see your dick mark
Jeovan: What???? I'm not Mark.
by The All knowing112 May 07, 2018
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this Dude is the lamest man on the planet and he'll just send memes and rate you by saying "hmmm, is she/he is willing to be on my contacts or not." and Oh don't get me started on the how he had his salamander photo into his contacts. Okay but here's the real article about "Jeovan". This young man is the man of your dreams he can fight for you on fortnite and give you free skins on overwatch and Minecraft. He is the ideal guy for you ladies, All he does for his free time s make memes and send him memes. I classify him as a rate 6/10 of the coolest dude alive. sorry but yeah he's soo ideal as you wished for. But hey he's really nice and open to talk too, he legit free 24/7. He'll make you laugh. Like one time he said "Hey! You have a roof!" that made my day and that will forever be on my mind till he dies then I can write that quote on the tombstone. And that's what a Jeovan.
"damn!" "what?" "you see him" "yeah, why?" "damn he looks like a fetus, just like Jeovan" "sooo true"
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