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The god to rule all earthlings. His ego is so massive it dwarves all. His abs are sculpted to the finest cobbled street, located in a romantic hilltop settlement. His tanned skin is so brown if you even dare to lay your eyes upon them, the iris would become lost in such an entrancement that they would change to the colour of his tan. But don't get me started on his hair, it's flowing locks hang perfectly and look so incredible in every weather. The Goddess, sent to secure order and justice within human society, by obliterating their remanance of self esteem with his overhwhelming sexy looks. Jekiah is God. Bow down.
Guy 1: "Wooooahh, dude see that Jekiah over there!"

Guy 2: Don't look bro, his abs will burn a hole within your head"

Guy 1: "Oh no bro! I already looked, i lost my vision!"

Every Lady: "Jekiahhhhhh"
by Bangers&smash,carrots&peas August 10, 2017
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