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Japañadio was the foundation of the greatest civilization ever. A fat jolly Scottish sailor with a beard was sailing the many seas when he found a lonely island, which he soon populated with the Japanese, Canadian, And Mexican. Soon after the civilation was then named Japañadio. Upon seeing this name, the Jolly bearded man nearly laughed himself to death, and needed a few good night's rest afterward. The man then invited his friends over, and began his life long dream of selling veal with his evil friend. Japañadio was deemed the greatest country to have ever or will ever exist, and nothing could compare ever. One of the many places that help gave rise to this great nation was Japanada, Along with the many Japanadoes it brought along with it.
Guy: "I went to visit Japañadio on Fatman Airlines, it's even better than the rumors say."
Girl: "Have you been hypnotized?"
Guy: "NO! IT'S JUST SO COOOOL" The guy then proceeds to break down and cry, and the girl takes him to his house, and leaves him there to cry in a puddle of his own feces because of how amazing his trip to Japañadio was.
by P4NTH3R27 December 21, 2014
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