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A "Jabra Movement" is the act of an individual or group who usually is a deceptive or conniving person. In a short description of a "Jabra Movement" it is an Advanced form of a Snake, Snake Movement". In addition Someone who acts in a selfish manner and uses other people for personal gain. A person who is using a "Jabra movement" will often lie and back stab those closest to them to advantage themselves. When a "Jabra Movement" is in play their word choices are often well calculated and mostly unreliable, with the aim of making themselves look better to others. Because of this, what a person who is pulling a "Jabra movement" says to one person will often be inconsistent with what they have said to another.
"That jew has truly pulled a Jabra Movement on me dropping the class the day before the major debate and making me do the assignment myself.

"Kyle truly pulled a Jabra Movement on us, by telling us he is going to a party, but ending up having a house party and not inviting us to it. HUGE JABRA MOVEMENTS
by MFernandes May 14, 2008
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