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(N)-a str8 up idiot. used best along side the word "Nate". Another way of callin someone a Louie, sally, etc.

2.) someone who just cant help that they have no game, chance with a girl, or any success in life.

(V)- acting a fool in public but not on purpose.
(V)- Philly the nate was last seen jaamoking around Millard street jumpin around like an angry monkey playin the bongo drums.

(N)-Drew the Jew was drunk off Brew and passed out what a jaamoke.

(N)- I seen skiba plottin on chikakas butthole again. What a jaamoke, does he thinks he can get taylor to have a threesome?

(N)one nate + one jaamoke= not safe for anyone.
by Currrrtissssss February 21, 2007
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