a more derogatory form of jew, used when trying to make a jew seem worse than it is, see jew and this is worse
by greg February 12, 2005
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Better than 'j00' because it looks like a brand of jelly candy
Lets all eat some joos!
by The Grammar Nazi September 04, 2003
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Alteration of the name Judy
I was with my beloved Joo last night...it was so romantic
by Kathryn January 21, 2005
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1. an acronym meaning Justly Outputted Obscenity (also Jack Off Oyster).

2. an Undesirable person.

3. something that is Inconvenient or distasteful.

The term "JOO" is used to substitute any obsenity or profanity. Note: The word JOO does not refer to the religion, "Jew", or its peoples. They just happen to be Homonyms. Calling someone a "JOO" is NOT bashing ones beliefs but one's personality.

Other derivatives of the word JOO include:
JOOatry-relating to the level of inconvenience or others ill-will for you.

JOOish-having the property of being Undesirable.

prefix JOO- disdain.
"Mr. Newton gave us a pop quiz today. That stupid JOO."
"Osagie is the most hated person at our school. His level of JOOatry is through the roof."
"I hate Geometry. They might as well call it JOO-ometry.
by Professor Shud B. Kickingass August 14, 2008
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