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used to describe when a conversation meanders its way back to an earlier point or topic.

Originally named after an egomaniacal college dropout who got the name "pearl" after having pearl-shaped implants inserted under the skin of his penis.
Party Guest 1: My web site uses cookies, but I don't call them cookies, I call them bananas...
Party Guest 2: What?
Party Guest 1: Bananas. Because my site uses a login form on various different portals, you can have two or three bananas from my site for completely different pages. My wife hates bananas with a passion. She refuses to eat them. Banana bread, even banana you see, it all comes back to pearl.
Party Guest 2: WTF?

Party Guest 1: And another thing, since we're on the topic of global ever notice how when you're baking banana cookies it heats up the whole house?
Party Guest 2: Ah, I can see this coming back to pearl now...
by jazzs3quence September 14, 2006
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