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An organization viewed by the public as authoritative on a particular issue, which provides cover to elected officials for a controversial decision on that issue. In plutocracies such as the United States, in which the boundaries of acceptable political discourse are very limited, the issue validator often serves the additional role of helping to marginalize more populist views. The issue validator typically has an unrecognized conflict of interest which can be anything, though it is most often financial or political. Note that this term should be used with extreme caution, as the user will be instantly revealed as a non-supporter of the plutocracy.
In the following dialog the Fraternal Order of Really Old People is the issue validator:

"Hey Bob! Did you hear about the plan to give every old person a pony?"
"I dunno Andy. I heard that it'll cost a lot and some really old people don't want a pony."
"Nah, Bob. The Fraternal Order of Really Old People supports this plan."
"Well, Andy, if FOROP supports it then I feel better. But wait a second, didn't I read somewhere FOROP has a side-business selling ponies?"
"Nah, Bob. They only license their logo to the finest pony growers. It's totally different."
"Thanks, Andy. Sounds like I got some bad information from a disgruntled blogger."
by brmull December 07, 2011
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