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Where several men have sex with a woman unprotected, and the loser is the one who impregnates her.
"Man, I just found out I lost that game of Irish Roulette, I'm going to be a dad now"
by GodzillaX8 June 26, 2006
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A concept similar to that of Russian Roulette, but a semi-automatic firearm is used in place of the six-shooter. While the odds vary depending on the quality of the weapon itself, there is rarely a clear cut winner.
"So who won that match of Irish Roulette yesterday?"
"... It was a draw."
by Tarren October 26, 2005
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There are six shot glasses each flit with whiskey. One of them has poison in it. The unlucky person will drink the one with poison and die as quick as the poison takes effect. Similar to the famous Russian Roulette.
You can only play Irish Roulette if you have the luck of the Irish.
by Talking Orange March 07, 2011
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