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A sad modern affliction affecting anyone owning any technological object with an "apple" logo upon it. This illness leads to sufferers swinging from a "high" due to owning the aforesaid technological grail and being uniquely cool like all the other ithingummy owners, to a crushing depressive "low" when the person realizes they have paid a king's ransom for some hyped-up, over-marketed techno bauble and enhances their personality like toe jam does for foot hygiene.
Dude: Fuck what's with Nathan? He was all over me 10 minutes ago, showing off his new toy and that fucking app that tells you where all the manhole covers in your neighbourhood are located! And now, he's just snivelling in the corner, beating himself around the head with that ithing.

Dudess: Oh man, he's just suffering from ipolar disorder. If you want to really send him over the edge tell him Steve Jobs sucks balls for quarters.
by Captain Screebo October 23, 2010
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