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The definition of Intuengnosis is seeking to awaken to the truth from within oneself by use of ones Intuition, which has just been discovered as possible through education.
The process by which one Intuits bits of Truth which are stored Within ones Apapsyche, or the Operational Energy of ones Soul. The ancient Greeks most likely called this process enlightenment. It is a natural process experienced as occasional bits of insight that significantly change ones view of life. the term Intuengnosis is a new tem because only recently has it been discovered that this process can be developed and practiced as a new form of Education. This new type of insight is called "Intuengnosis".
The word Intuengnosis is pronounced: "Intuen nosis," the g being silent."
Sometimes when i am reading, I will read a certain word, or phrase, and suddenly I seem to "Know" something that I didn't know before. And this is often called Intuition. But, when I intentionally seek to discover the truth about something, I am looking to awaken that truth from within myself, and I am engaged in Intuengnosis. Or searching within myself for the truth of something. This has been know as yoga and meditation for centuries. But now people can begin to awaken to bits of truth from within themselves by simply questioning what others say is true.
by B-James February 17, 2014
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