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The inside-out fish (inseedacli-repi-standi-plazer) is a species of fish found off the southern coast of costa rica, in the deep waters of the pacific ocean.

Known for its organs being on the outside, and fins on the inside, this fish struggles to survive in the rugged ocean, but, has done so for many thousands of years. Its organs are semiprotected from a tight strong exoskeleton (also found in creatures such as insects, spiders, crustaceans and mollusks).

With a length of 25cm and a height of 10cm, this fish is not a small one, but surely is a slow one, with a top speed of 1km/hour, these little fella's just swim around all day, hiding in the darkness of the deep pacific!

The Inside-out fish commonly feeds on other animals feces, and is also known as the vaccum cleaner of the ocean. Its diet isnt just filled with bile! No, the Insude-out fish also has a taste for style, thats right, caviar, the Inside-Out fish preys on unsuspecting other species of fish and eats there eggs!

The lifespan of an Inside-Out fish is approximatly 10 years, but some have been known to live as long as 20-30 years!
"The Inside-Out fish (inseedacli-repi-standi-plazer) is No.14 on the top 15 weirdest animals in the sea" - National Geographic Magazine, March 1999
by Dr. Jean Spickleberg October 16, 2006
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