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insanely sane:

- describes the mind of a person who is RIGHT concerning most important events and new discoveries, when others are either ignorant or WRONG about the same specific topics (the 'insanely sane' only 'seem' crazy to most people, yet they are sane, and are not often wrong)

- describes the thinking of a highly intelligent person who has acute cognition, has situational awareness and uses logic; the 'insanely sane' seem like a freaks to others; others seem like zombies to the 'insanely sane'; thus, the 'insanely sane' keep a very small inner circle of family and friends


The double meaning with this seemingly-oxymoronic term stems from the 'insanely' connotations of 'extremely' and the slightly-less-obvious 'seemingly insane'.

'Insanely sane' people inevitable change status quo thinking and move the world towards progress; they uplift the condition of humanity with their initiatives and truths while inevitably enduring false accusations of 'insanity' and unjust ridicule.

An 'insanely sane' person extremely passionate about discovering new knowledge and ensuring they are correct about important matters, knows for certain that they are truthful, right or undecided, and will not back down from pressure being applied to them via unjust, illogical, irrational and unwarranted opposition. The 'insanely sane' merely appear insane to people whose thinking is illogical, irrational and wrong but passionately 'believe' they are right.
Large groups of disingenuous, insentient and untruthfully people vehemently (and often violently) oppose the 'insanely sane'.

Most people are unaware of of the existence, nature, prevalence and validity of the 'ad populum' logical fallacy as it applies to the 'insanely sane'.

Nearly all of the valid arguments, sound logic, excellent reasoning and new truths of the 'insanely sane' are generally easily dismissed by weaker minded members of society by invoking 'ad hominen' logically fallacious attacks ... i.e. the 'insanely sane' are labelled 'conspiracy theorists', 'nutters', 'wackjobs', etc. and they are not accurately judged based upon the merit of their claims but based on fallacious and malicious attacks on their being and character.

Most people naturally assume 'the group' is right when an 'insanely sane' individual has an opposing or opposite opinion from the group, but that is not generally the case. In fact, the generally public (in the developed world) is so dumbed-down and manipulated by media that they are more often wrong than right on the most important topics.

'Insanely sane' people are generally ridiculed and persecuted by the majority of people who have little appreciation or understanding of the truth of a particular matter or event. Many 'insanely sane' people are destroyed by a relatively insentient public and die long before their discovered truths are accepted by the majority of people.

Ex. Nikola Tesla and GlennyJ were 'insanely sane'.
by GlennyJ December 09, 2013
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