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Infinity plus four was discovered by a genius, though his name is unknown. This genius mathematician first stumbled this formula while lurking around on this very website. First he saw the definition for infinity plus one, then plus two, then plus three... but it stopped there. He thought to himself... what if? What if there was an infinity plus 4? And thus this equation was born. It is the highest number known to man. Anything higher would make your brain implode.
or would it...?!?
Stupid: I'm so much better than you at this game.
Stupider: NO! I'm like, infinity plus one times better than you.
Stupidest: Whatever you losers, I'm infinity plus four times better than both of you combined.
Genius: Actually. I am the greatest, for I am infinity plus 4 times greater than all of you.
*bigger gasp*
by Unknown and Anonymous April 10, 2008
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