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in·fant up·per·cut
ˈinfənt əpərˌkət'
noun: infant uppercut; plural noun: infant uppercuts;

hit with the infant uppercut.

past tense: infant uppercutted;

3rd person present: infant upper-cuts; past tense:infant upper-cutted;

having used the babys arm to completely and thoroughly, destroy the pussy to her utter satisfaction.
Sally: Hey girlfriend haven't heard from you in a few days...
Lisa: Oh girl!

I'm just now walking straight!!

That Baby's Arm of his is no joke!
Sally: Oh Yeah!

I see Nate hit you with his

"Infant Uppercut"
Lisa: You'll have to help me tag-team it!
Sally: Anytime!!
by Wreckabot September 27, 2018
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