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Indie ponce is the term used to describe an adolescent male who believes he is the ultimate indie character. This may be due to fashion, musical talent or general behaviour, most of the times all of these come into consideration. Usually an indie ponce has a select group of friends, which all adore him and believe that he is, in fact, the ultimate indie figure, but rarely has the indie ponce got any friends outside of his small circle.
Common traits:
Style: Skinny jeans, Pointy shoes, cardigans, most often very skinny in physique, most commonly to have a tattoo of either song lyrics or poetry in Latin or Italian.
Musical Talent: Often thought of as a 21st Century Poet, by himself or his inner circle, he believes he is the modern day version of T. S. Eliot and Hunter S. Thompson combined in one skinny indie kid.
General Behaviour: Generally of Public school background, will always be in a relationship with an indie cindy, only ever drinks Jack Daniels and Coke, believes that ‘being spotted’ is key to everything.
Heroes: Pete Doherty, J. D Salinger, Shakespeare, T. S. Eliot, Hunter S. Thompson, His parents.
Next time just tell me i’m being an Indie Ponce, OK?”
“He is such an Indie Ponce! He thinks he’s so amazing!!!”
by Kate_UK May 14, 2007
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