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a) thou shalt not spread the indie-greatness. 'Tis our indie-little-secret.
b)thou shalt not own a single mainstream album. If you have to, at least only buy but 1 mainstream article.
c) thou shalt not flaunt thy 'indieness'. It's bad publicity and sets a bad example.
d) thou shalt not, upon swearing into an indie life, drink STARBUCKS coffee. This is a mainstream establishment, and it is a sin. You may, however, buy the bottled drinks that Starbucks does not manufacture.
By refusing Starbucks (and any other popular establishment), you are refusing to be mainstream. So go buy some indie coffee.
e) Just because you find an artist you've never heard of on iTunes, and other people have bought some Les Savy Fav or Frou Frou along with it, does not necessarily mean that it is indie. Do not fall for this! iTunes is trying to trick you.

Now you are ready to become a true indie asshole like us.
smart indie kid's mom: "Do you want to look into American Eagle for a pair of cute hipsters?"

smart indie kid: "Mom!! Shopping there is against my indie oath! They play... *shudder*...Lindsay Lohan songs... Oye!"
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