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What an indie kid calls another indie kid, who has a different taste in music then that indie kid. Or If the indie kid likes a different cd from said indie band.

Please see the example below as it will explain by example of how another kid calling out an Indie Poof. Please also realize the irony.

If you are an Indie music fan, then by default, if you do things like below, you too are an Indie Poof.
God, I fucking hate Indie Poofs, Honestly.
My gf has this guy-friend who is such a fucking indie prick it's not even funny. He's obsessed with all of that Elephant 6 bubblegum neo-psych bullshit (Of Montreal, Neutral Milk Hotel, Apples in Stereo, etc). Well not only does he think Black Foliage is The Olivia Tremor Control's best album (when it clearly IS NOT, JESUS CHRIST), but he thinks Of Montreal's best work is their FUCKING FOUR-TRACK COMPILATION. I've heard some of the songs off of that album, and it blows. It's so fucking repetitive and self consciously bubblegum that it makes me want to vomit. What's even worse is that now he has my gf liking Of Montreal's 4 tracks and all of that stupid indie shit.
I wonder how the fuck people like that are considered fully functional human beings.
by Kahi April 30, 2007
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