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a girl whoes listens to music that isnt mainstream, usually knows about the latest bands before anyone else, has a unique clothing style that doesnt level out to any specific catagory (vintage,prep,emo...) an indie chic can be found with a colorful variety of books, movies, music. Indie chics are witty and sarcastic and may have jokes that dumbfound you for many minutes as you decide wether it was an insult or not, but indie chics are considered cool and down to earth, usually enlightened to some degree about the world there in and want to take the time to listen to what they want and not what everyone is pressuring them to do.
the character Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls is an indie chic.

Edwina: Jill just let me listen to her ipod, tons of indie chic stuff on it.
Carl: Music you never heard of?
Edwina: yeah, its actualy pretty cool. then Jill took me to a music store and she introduced me to movies and music i never heard of either, but you'll probaly hear about it in a couple months. but Jill wont listen to it then becuase then its mainstream crap.
Carl: You seem to like Jill, but she seems in her own world kind of and she's... undefinable.
Edwina: she's cool when you get to know her, way cooler than you, thats an indie chic for you.
by Ona Reese January 01, 2008
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