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the act of dipping toilet paper in the toilet water after a courtesy flush has taken place during a very bad shit/diarrhea to wipe your ass in a public bathroom.
Scenario: You're taking a shit in a public bathroom. It is a very very bad shit. Possibly diarrhea. In order to feel clean you would need to wipe for the next half hour. To speed up the process and make yourself feel better you can do this. You flush the toilet once, maybe twice so you can get clean water. You then take a handful of toiletpaper and simply dip a little bit of the bottom into the water. Then you "indian wipe" your ass with the wet part of the toilet paper. After this it makes it much easier and quicker to wipe with the dry toilet paper.
by Ahmad Mustafa February 23, 2010
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To clean ones bottom with a bare finger like they do in India
Man, I told you to get toilet paper yesterday, I had to Indian wipe for the second day in a row!
by AJ10101 November 25, 2011
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