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Impact Percussion is an independent winter percussion group based out of Sanford High School in Sanford Maine.

Mission Statement: Impact Percussion seeks to combine traditional marching percussion techniques, with orchestral concepts of musicianship to create an original, inspiring, and educational environment for developing percussionists.

Staff Includes:
Joshua Champagne- Director
Craig Scott- Visual Designer
Andrew Carpenter- Program Consultant
Scott Eugley- Program Coordinator/Battery Arranger
Shawn McKeown- Front Ensemble Instructor/Arranger
Travis Corcoran- Front Ensemble Instructor
Matthew Prive- Front Ensemble Instructor

Zero Tolerance Policies
-The use of illegal or underage substances is prohibited.
-No form of bullying will be allowed. We want to create a welcoming and learning environment for all members!
Audience member 1 "Did you see Impact Percussion?"
Audience member 2 "yeah they were so good I was throwing babies!"
by Scott Eugley May 20, 2014
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