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He should be trustworthy. The wife must be able to confide in him and also know that he loves her only and not somebody else. Men are very good at dating but when comes to being a good husband, they more then often fail. Men who have sexual experience with many women in the past are less likely to be faithful to their wives. It is similar to people leaving alcohal where high percentage of people fail. The romance present while dating slowly fades and it is limited to more or less only while copulation.
Loyalty is very essential. A wife can never share her man with another woman, and expects her husband to be loyal to her. Often, the husband strays and this causes much tension and friction in the family. A wife may choose to forgive, and in case the affair with the other woman is rather serious, then she may ask for a divorce. Naturally, for a happy family life, both the partners have to be loyal to each other
Sincerity is also very essential. A woman likes it when her husband showers love on her and makes her feel that she is the only woman in his life. He must reciprocate his feelings towards her
Wow girl, you got yo-self a perfect ideal husband.
by gurlfrandfromthalake May 29, 2017
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