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A man in his 40\'s or older, bloated and balding,..who thinks he is Gods gift to woman...Brags to anyone who will listen, he only dates Beautiful woman in their 20\'s..Sadly, in reality due to being bloated, balding and an icky picky A-hole.. NO SANE WOMAN would dare be caught dead with him..he will live forever in his fantasy...ALONE...a rejected.
Eeeew!!! \"Sir, whats that huge ugly bump on your shoulder???\"
\"Oh..never mind, it is just your head.\" ~ says the Beautiful woman.

ICKY PICKY - \"Hey Baby, saw ya walkin down the street, i ran over to catch up with you *sweaty-pant* You are Hot, wanna Boogie? *thrusts hips*
WOMAN- \"Excuse me sir, seems as though your toupe is ablaze and you have shitted your pants.\" *runs away*
ICKY PICKY - \"what a Bitch!!!\"
by imagineit April 26, 2005
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