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When you finish taking a dump in an empty public restroom then realize there is no toilet paper and no one to help you, you are forced to stand up and shuffle over to the next stall with your pants down by your ankles. The cold crap swishing between you buns is nothing if not "ickey" - you're doing the Ickey Shuffle.
Man, I took the dump of my life a work but realized too late there was no toilet paper. I had to do the Ickey Shuffle over to the next stall to get some paper.
by Walter Pemacin May 12, 2008
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A happy dance performed after a victory or some other positive event; often involves rapid tapping or shuffling of the feet.

Originally a certain celebration dance done by National Football League player Ickey Woods when he scored a touchdown; usage has since broadened.
I was so happy I passed my final exam that I did the Ickey Shuffle right there in the classroom.
by Brian P. Hudson September 08, 2006
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