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ice turds:

What becomes a big nasty blackish hunk of frozen street slush, and will attach to the back of a wheel well, only to drop in inopportune places, and look all nasty-assty.
Boss; Look, you're in charge of the parking clean up. I want all those ice turds cleaned up and off the premisses by closing time or you are fired!

Lackey; Damn man, them rustlucks is froz down like Santa's balls.

Boss; Well I nearly broke my toe on one just now, and if you don't get them gone right now you will be thawing Santa's balls in your next line of work!
by the Toad December 18, 2010
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A large volume of human excrement that 'fills the pan' and pokes up out of the water. So named as it resembles a dark chocolate version of the large bodies of ice that scatter the oceans in the polar regions. The majority of its bulk being underwater, a solid lump protrudes into clear air space and fills the room with its noxious odor.
"Dude, after that stack of wings and pizza last night, I just laid down an iceturd."

"Excuse me your honor, I'm unable to address parliament this afternoon, I have a desperate need to launch an iceturd upon the high seas." (taken from British prime minister Tony Blair's private diaries)
by Monty Cornwall November 16, 2007
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