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The switching of control over the iPod (or other mp3 device) playing through the stereo at a party by competing individuals, usually as an attempt to show superior musical taste. One involved in an iPod war will often sit by the iPod to keep others from obtaining control of the sound system. This same person will also tend to switch songs before one ends or play music inappropriate to the situation. (This reveals the true motive of showing off musical taste as opposed to simply allowing the party-goers to enjoy applicable music in its entirety.)
(Of Montreal is playing through the stereo at a party full of dancing suburban indie kids. A guest at the party wearing a backwards baseball cap plugs his iPod into the sound system and starts playing Ludacris. The guests stop dancing and look around confused.)

Geoff: Dude, that was such a hip track. Why'd he change it? I can't dance to this.
William: I agree. I'd say we should throw on some Dabrye from your iPod, but I don't want to start an iPod War.
by wilskil June 04, 2007
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