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A hyena boy is someone with a vagina and a penis formed from an enlarged clitoris. Typically FtM (female-to-male) transsexuals, these individuals get their name from the Spotted Hyena, which has an enlarged clitoris and masculine features that make it difficult to tell males and females apart.

These individuals typically appear to be young 'twink' boys, although there are occasional studs or bears. More than a few men have thought they were taking home a young man only to find out that they were leaving the bar with a hyena boy.

Their testosterone typically gives them a very masculine temperament and high sex drive, and aside from their 'bonus hole' which some call the front hole, they are basically the same as other men.
"I'm not a fucking queer dude, my boyfriend's a hyena boy."

David always loved pussy too much to be gay, even though he thought other guys were hot and wasn't really into women. When he met that hyena boy he finally got his wish!

"Remember when Kevin said he'd never screw a guy because he didn't want shit all over his dick? Well last semester he found a hyena boy with the tightest cunt he's ever fucked. I hear they're still together on the down-low."
by HyenaBoy March 25, 2014
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