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(noun) 1. the act of food disappearing, internet being leeched, and computers/dsl crashing

2. random screaming may occur, especially while playing f.e.a.r.

3. the act of owning a 3 door car that randomly overheats, often filled with weeks old garbage, especially hot cheetos bags that he claims to not be his

4. the act of delaying a task that is to be done at a givin time.
1.Dang, why did my game crash? I think you got the hung virus

2. Where was that hot dog I had the other day? The hung virus hit ya, I see.

3. Damn this car is messy. Whats with this empty hot cheeto bag?

4. I was going to do some homework yesterday but I didn't.
by RyCeGuY May 04, 2006
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