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The practice, by nation states, of the parasitical exploitaion of its population.

Evolved from the slavery, subsequent feudal and Monarchical/Federal models of civilisation, human farming is practiced globally (enabled through Uniform Commercial Code in the USA and Admiralty Law in the EU) through the use of social programming. This programming is achieved through eduction systems and religion, propoganda through mass media and terror tactics (covert/overt military force). It enables the ruling class of a nation to systematically and continuously reap taxes (the produce) from the human 'herd'.

Great care is taken by the farmers to preserve the appearance of 'normality' to its livestock as those that become aware of the manipulation are often 'lost' if not succesfully rehabilitated via penal/psychiatric means. The farmers also motivates the herd to consume the products and services available on the farm to stimulate an artifical economy for the purposes of reinforcing the herds cohesion. This is done to continually maximise productivity. Due to the inherent unsustainability of the practice, human farming eventually reverts to a totalitarian sytem of slavery and the cycle begins again.
Human farming is just like life in the Matrix but it's real and it's everywhere!
by wavemachine February 18, 2016
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