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A phrase used to describe the working conditions of the lower class, often involving tiresome labor, menial tasks, and/or generally bullshit jobs.
Example 1:
Friend: My parents want me to get a job or else they will kick me out of house, but it's totally stupid because they're rich and don't need any rent money.
You: Have you considered that maybe they just want you see how the other half lives, or maybe they think that 26 is way too fucking old to be mooching off senior citizens, you entitlement douche?
Friend: Hey fuck you man!

Example 2:
Friend: I thought going into the armed services as an officer would be way better than going in enlisted, but yesterday I spent the entire night standing guard over my platoon's weapons as they all slept.
You: It is possible that your superiors just want you to see how the other half lives.
Friend: Perhaps, but it still sucks ass.
by Philosofree August 04, 2014
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