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A 'hot baby surprise' is the process of setting one's self up to potentially sit next to a cute girl in a lecture class.
This is done by:
1. showing up to class first, or before too many people get there.
2. placing your belongings on a strategically selected desk and leaving.
3. coming back to the class with 1-2 minutes left before the start.
4. hopefully your new seatmate is a cute girl, if so, you have just successfully completed the hot baby surprise.
Joe said he had to leave the class but would be back to hang out after he left his backpack in the lecture hall, he wanted to try out the hot baby surprise.

Don and Jill have been going out for 3 years now. Don met Jill after the two struck up conversation during a class in college. They had met after Don successfully executed the hot baby surprise.
by giggles86 January 26, 2010
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