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Honey Dutch is a term for the honey-flavored Dutch Master cigar. They cost $0.99 - $1.25 in the Philly/Wilmington metropolitan area. Since it is such a cheaply made and sold cigar, it's most often used to roll L's, or marijuana cigars. It has two layers, a green leaf outside and a brown paper inside. The broken up weed is put on the brown paper and then rolled diagonally along with the leaf, usually spread out across an even rolling surface. This makes the blunt easier to roll for novices and quicker to roll for pros. Not to mention it leaves a sweet honey taste on your lips when you cheif it.
JJ: Yo Stu, man, we need to hit up the 7-11, they got them 99 cent honey dutches.

Stu: Yeah boss, who the fuck you think introduced you to them honey dutches?
by Jayr Jones April 08, 2006
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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