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A gun/tactic in a video game that is signature to you, and makes every one who plays against you pissed off. A weapon so over seen that when you get killed for the 47th time you quit the game your playing. A number of first person shooters have that one thing that every one uses and every one hates. Like the USR in call of duty ghost or the binary rifle in halo 4. Every body knows it and every body wants to track you down and kill you in real life. Often after youve used the gun and waxed everyone so hard they hit a second puberty, every one and their grandmother uses it. Like a bugatti to gta5 or a deadric sword to skyrim its just one of those things that make you hide in a corner praying to jeebus they dont get sat com.
Player: Yeah got my Honey barrel vector crb gonna to make a kid cry!
N0oB: that guy!! keeps doing the same thing with the same gun!!
Player:45 kills later noob! noob! noob! yeah im waxin you fools!
N0oB: screw you man leaves game gonna use that gun now.
by Alchemist Fox May 24, 2015
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