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Is a guy that sneeks in on your girl. While he knows everything that you did wrong in your relationship, from your now ex telling him everything while you were together. He uses thus knowledge to make you look worse than you are, and make him seem like a knight in shinning armor. Inevitably gaining access to the panties. Once a HFJ starts in on her shes gone, move on. Though its near impossible to get her back it can be done. You have the decision to make, can you trust her again or not. A real woman will not be taken away by a HFJ, they will stay and work it out. Home-front jodys are scum of the earth and are not real men. Most of them are pussies that only want one thing and thats that good good you had at one point. Dont waste to much on them, chances are they will not keep her long, and wont meet you anywhere to hash it out like a man should do. In fact the only thing they will do besides previously stated is get her to treat you like shit and make you feel like you did something wrong. Dont worry if a HFJ steals your girl cause there are better females out there and you dont need a ratchet like her anyway.
Frank: Yo, my girl has this friend that's a guy. They talk a lot but she swears it's only a friendship.

Bob: Man watch her and maybe dont let them talk as much, sounds like a Home-front Jody to me.

Frank: Oh shit you think?!?!

Bob: Yeah I'm sure.


Frank: You were right she left me for him. Hes staying at her place now. They even do all the things we didn't. She told me she just couldnt be in a relationship at this point in life!?!

Bob: Did you believe her?

Frank: At first I did, until 2 days later they were kickin it........ Man I hate Grimmey ass Ratchets like both of them!

Bob: Sorry bro I warned ya man. Lets hit the strip club.
by Ankie October 24, 2013
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