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That wonderful phrase which is uttered by the speaker when his standards in life are so low, that he would consider the action of having sexual intercourse with a cactus, equal to spreading the word of the lord; thus combining holiness, and repetitively and violently shoving your penis into a cactus to the point where either you bleed out from blood loss, or the cactus calls the police for relentless sexual assault, and turning it into that sweet phrase we know and love.

*Notice I said "he", as women have the right mind to keep them from giving just enough of shit to not utter this phrase, although it has happened in rare cases.
64 year old on Viagra and pain meds: "HOLY CACTUS FUCK"
Married son of 64 year old on Viagra and pain meds: "Oh shit here we go again... Honey hide the cactus!"
by toodlefucker6969 July 10, 2017
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