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To hit the bare penis on the forehead of a newly arrived member to the group or unit. An initiation enacted when new members attend their first FTA. Occasionally after being chased across the Mojave Desert and are completely expended of energy and the will to fight or flight any longer. The person is held on the ground flat on their back while the hog printer hits the forehead of the hog printee with his bare penis. Sometimes after the penis is pressed upon a stamp pad of black ink a hog stamp is created. The hog stamp is used to mark the forehead of the ones that claim it will not happen to them. May only be conducted by those previously printed into the group.
Sometimes the result of a good rooting
What the hell's a hog print? Oh you will find out. It will take more than just you guys to hog print me!
Bring the ink pad we're gonna hog print this fucker!
After rooting the dumbass we decided to hog print him.
by Bolerango January 16, 2013
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