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It seems most men don’t know what this is or females for that matter, so lets break it down in lamen terms:

HOE KNOWLEDGE is the knowledge that a female somehow discovers after they get hurt or something. They find a band-aid to basically either cover it up or express the true nature of who they are (see “Hoe” for more information) so in other words THEY START FUCKING. A LOT. They know its wrong but they recruit other misreble borderline hoes to do the same shit. The teaching is called “HOE LOGIC”. Now, usually this “logic” is in the form of half nude pictures with the caption “my body my choice” or “body appreciation “, hoeish memes, and worda of encouragement to start fuckin and fuckin until you feel better and “live your best life” also translated to HOEING.
Looks like shordy is posting some hoe knowledge today, lets see how her bird ass friends react today.
by BLAKKAX July 25, 2018
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