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Puddles of disease-ridden and stinky body fluids left behind by homeless people.

The puddles could be anywhere, but are most often encountered on public transit systems.

The "juice" is an unknown mixture of any of the following: urine, diarrhea, rancid sweat, dirt, crabs, lice, blood from open sores.
Dude: I barely made my BART train and there was only one seat left. Always check the seat before you sit down. I sat on the damn spongy seat in a big warm puddle of hobo juice.

Dude 2: Damn dude, that's hella nasty. I'd check with the doctor to make sure you're not infected.

Dude: Yeah, I had to go home and shower. I wasn't going to go to the party smelling like hobo juice cologne.
by Behnam August 06, 2007
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1.Any sort of cheap liqour used for the sole purpose of getting wasted, this includes but is not limited to Mad Dogg 20/20,malt liquor bought in quantites no smaller than 40 oz.,and vodka in a plastic bottle
2.any sort of liquor that even a homeless person can afford
1.Dude I only have $6 you'll just have to get me some hobo juice
2.I was at the library and there was this dude sitting on the steps drinking hobo juice.
3.We wont be having hobo juice tonite we're trying to keep it classy/
by KIYA AND MONTY March 14, 2005
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